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Tri-County Conventional Services: (Oakland, Wayne, Macomb)


Fannie Mae Form #1004/Freddie Mac Form#70 (Single Family)


Fannie Mae Form #1073/Freddie Mac Form#465 (Condominium)


Fannie Mae #2055 (Exterior Inspection Only with comparable photos)


Fannie Mae # 2065 (Exterior Inspection Only)


Fannie Mae #2075 (Exterior Inspection Only) (No Comps/ No Value)


Private Appraisal

REO Appraisal (old or new 1004)





Additional Forms:


Fannie Mae Form #216/Freddie Mac Form #998 (Operating Inc. Statement)


Fannie Mae Form #10076/Freddie Mac Form #1000 (Comp. Rent Schedule)


Final Inspection Form #442


Vacant Land


Field Review (With Subject and Comp Photos)


Desk Top Review




Multi-Family Residence:


Fannie Mae Form# 1025/Freddie Mac Form #72 (Small Income Property) 2-4 Units


For all FHA appraisals add $100 to the above listed prices

Fees for residential properties outside of the Tri-County area may vary.